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- A mountain farm in Steinkjer -

Mokk farm is situated 40 kilometres east of Steinkjer, in wild terrain just at the foot of the mountains. It is a family farm owned by Kristin and Kjell Delbekk, who run the farm together with their three children. They keep cattle for milk and meat production and also run a guesthouse in the old farmhouse. Small and large groups can book accommodation, either with self-catering facilities or with meals included.

Accommodation and board
Both small and large groups can book rooms in the farmhouse at Mokk. There are 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms with a total of 30 beds. The rooms are of a simple standard, without private showers and toilets. The unique house is over 100 years old and has a wonderful big sitting room with an open hearth, a dining room and a cosy kitchen.
Breakfast, dinner and other meals can be ordered in advance. The food is mostly prepared from local produce

Hiking, hunting and fishing
There are excellent opportunities for hiking in both summer and winter. One can follow marked trails through unspoilt countryside, and perhaps stop at one of the many fishing spots in the area. In early spring ice-fishing is very popular. There are plenty of huts in the mountains where one can take shelter or stop for a picnic. There is plentiful small game in the mountains and in the woodlands below the tree line for those who are interested in hunting.
Other activities available are canoe hire or guided tours of the fascinating limestone caves in the area.

Guided tour of the copper mines
About half an hour's walk from the farm there are a number of old copper mines which date back to the 1770's. These mines played an important role in the development of Mokk farm and of the whole district. Kjell can take you on a guided tour of the mines and tell you about their history.



Kristin og Kjell Delbekk

7718 Steinkjer

Telephone: +47 48 29 46 94
Mob: +47 957 888 52


Open: Etter avtale

Accommodation: 40 beds
16 rooms

Advance booking for board and lodging

Conferences, courses

Working farm with cows, sheep and a horse etc.

Beautiful hiking country with good opportunity for fishing and hunting

How to get there: 40 kilometres east of Steinkjer